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8 Different Dog Breeds That Are Perfect For Your Living Situation



November 9, 2022

Photo by Kostas Konidakis

Photo by Kostas Konidakis

In 2021 nearly 1 million pets found their forever home whether that was with a large family with kids or a first-time pet owner. Since the pandemic, more people have given thought to adopt a furry creature into their home than ever before. The adoption rate in 2021 was 61 percent, the highest in six years. Adopting a pet can be a rewarding and positive experience, but how do you know what dog breed is best for you? There are anywhere from 195 - 500 dog breeds in the world. The American Kennel Club recognizes 195 breeds while the Federation Cynologique International (FCI) recognizes 360 breeds. That’s a lot of options to choose from, so how do you pick? Of course, before bringing a pet into your home you must consider the amount of time you have to look after them, and if your living situation is suitable for a pet. Although many dog breeds come with different labels, a lot of your pet's behavior comes down to how you treat and train them. However, choosing a dog breed with a label that best fits your lifestyle can ease the process of bringing a new pet into your home.

Let’s start with the most popular dog for the 31st year in a row, the Labrador Retriever. Once Labs hit the American public they quickly rose to the top. With their something-for-everyone attractions, they have become a wildly popular breed that is great for almost any type of family or pet owner. Although Labradors may not be the smartest breed in the book they are extremely intuitive and have a great temperament. People refer to them as light-switch dogs, turn them on, turn them off. Labs are continually ready for anything, whether that be a long hike or cuddling up on the couch, whatever it is they are just happy to be there. Due to their easygoing attitude, they also make for great service dogs. When researching what dog breed is best for you, consider a Labrador Retriever.

We understand that every family and home is different. Some of us live busy lives where we are often on the go, while others live a quieter and simpler lifestyle. Some pet lovers may suffer from allergies that limit them to certain breed types while others may use a dog to cope with anxiety. Whatever it may be, there is a dog breed perfect for your situation. Below are 8 dog breeds that are perfect for a specific living, family, or health situation.

  1. Families with young kids: Golden Retriever
    - A Golden Retriever is an excellent choice for families with younger children looking to add a fluffball to their home. Golden Retrievers are known for being very patient with young kids. While it is important to educate your children to play gently with their dogs and to stay away from them while they are eating their food, a Golden Retriever is very apathetic. You will not have to worry about your pup snapping at your child even though they are pulling at their ears or fur. On top of their extreme patience, Golden Retrievers are also one of the smartest dog breeds. They are easy to train and have the willingness to comply with demands.
  2. For the first-time pet owner: Mixed dogs who are from a shelter or rescue
    - As a first-time pet owner, you will want a dog that is already trained with a calmer temper. Although purebred puppies are convincing they are often a lot of work and can also come with a list of medical problems that as a first-time pet owner, you will not want to deal with. Adopting or rescuing a shelter pet is the best option for you. Most dogs who end up in shelters have already had some degree of training and are typically mixed breeds. Mixed-breed dogs often average out the extreme behavioral tendencies of their parents. As always, it is still important to do your research on potential pet matches from a shelter or rescue. For more information on adopting a pet from a shelter or rescue read the Q&A interview with Marlina Cotter here.
  3. Busy, on-the-go lifestyle: Border Collie
    - If you’re constantly on the go but still want something cute to come home to, a Border Collie could be perfect for you and your family. The best thing about them, apart from their adorable appearance, is their intelligence and willingness to listen and obey. They are high-energy pooches who will fit into an active lifestyle and easily adapt to situations. We do not recommend bringing a Boarder Collie into a home with young children due to their herding tendencies.
  4. Apartment dwellers: Biewer Terrier
    - Biewer Terriers (pronounced Beaver) are athletic little pups who smoothly adapt to new spaces. So if you’re frequently moving from apartments and Biewer Terrier could make for a perfect roommate. Living in an apartment can be tough for dogs who require a lot of play time outside or larger dogs who just require more space. Biewer Terriers are small hounds that have easygoing and happy attitudes. When living in an apartment with a dog it is always important to be considerate of your neighbors and read your apartment’s rules on having a pet first.
  5. Emotional Support & Anxiety Dogs: Poodle & Pembroke Welsh Corgi
    - According to a study published in Frontiers of Psychology, human-animal interactions are thought to activate the oxytocin system which regulates social bonding. This means that dogs can make us feel calmer, safer, and happier. All dogs are capable of activating this hormone, but few possess even more qualities to further reduce anxiety and stress levels in humans. Labrador Retrievers, Poodles, Great Danes, and many others are breeds that possess these qualities. Our favorite large emotional support dog is the Poodle. Poodles are great because of their optimistic personality that often rubs off on their owners. For a smaller emotional support dog, we love the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. The Corgi is one of the most affectionate and devoted pets you can have. They are often used in therapy contexts. If you’re looking for an emotional support pet it is important to consider their personality, willingness to obey, and your overall connection with them.
  6. Protective Dogs: German Shepherds
    - German Shepherds are wildly known as one of the best guard dogs simply because of their stature and intimidating bark. These guard dogs know loyalty and bravery to no bounds. They are easy to train and highly intelligent canines that make a fantastic protector of the home. They however sometimes take their job too seriously and need to be taught to not jump at everyone who approaches you or the home.
  7. Hypoallergenic Dog Owner: Yorkshire Terrier
    - Although there are no dogs that are fully hypoallergenic there a quite a few breeds that shed less hair and dander than others. If you suffer from dog allergies but are a dog-lover consider adopting a Yorkie. Yorkies have ‘human-like hair’ and don’t have an undercoat that sheds if kept trimmed and groomed. These pups can be amazing little companions that are small enough to travel with you everywhere and anywhere.
  8. Good with other dogs: Beagle
    - Due to Beagles being bred to hunt in packs they get along very easily with other dogs. They thrive on interactions with other pets and make a great candidate for dogs that get along with cats. They easily share their space and are very gentle pups. You will never have to worry about them around other animals. However, they are known for their obnoxious bark so it is not advised to live in an apartment with a Beagle.

Deciding on which pooch to adopt is tough because of the mountain of options. To help narrow your search consider your lifestyle, living situation, and any health concerns. As always, we want to encourage you to adopt and not shop. Research dog breeds that match your needs and find a shelter or rescue in your area you can adopt from. If you’re still hesitant about which breed is best for you, you can always try fostering. You can read our article ‘Thinking About Becoming a Pet Foster Parent? Here’s 5 Things to Consider’ for tips on becoming a pet foster parent. Fostering is also a great way to help out shelters and rescues in need. Pawtocol has partnered with amazing shelters and rescues in Arizona and California. You can search their sites for available pups and fostering programs. Your dog breed match is out there, you just have to find it.