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The Pawtocol Pet Fund Expands to Florida, Adds 3 New Rescue Partners



October 21, 2022

Photo by Andrew from Pawtocol

Photo by Andrew from Pawtocol

355,000 pets were put to sleep in 2021 due to shelters and rescues not having adequate resources to tend to all of the animals in their care. Our animals deserve better and that is the motivation behind Pawtocol. Pawtocol is committed to utilizing blockchain technology to improve the lives of pets and pet owners. Using blockchain technology in the pet industry, Pawtocol will create new opportunities for continuity, transparency, and data ownership. Part of Pawtocol's goal is to deliver a new level of value to each and every member of the pet community and that starts with the shelters and rescues that desperately need help. In order for the United States to achieve being a ‘No-kill’ country, we must work together to provide our shelters and rescues with as much assistance as possible, whether that is through donations, volunteering, fostering, and/or adopting. Pawtocol has created the Pawtocol Pet Fund, the world’s first blockchain-powered fund exclusively dedicated to helping animal rescues and shelters. Pawtocol is donating a portion of every month’s revenue to the fund and will evenly distribute 100% of what is in the fund to the rescues and shelters they have partnered with. Pawtocol is currently partnered with four shelters and rescues on the West Coast. The four current partners are Almost There Rescue located in Scottsdale, Arizona, Dawgz, Tailz, and Wagz located in Phoenix, Arizona, Fearless Kitty Rescue located in Fountain Hills, Arizona, and All Animal Rescue & Friends located in San Martin, California. On top of the continuous financial support from Pawtocol, Pawtocol’s Animal Rescue Coordinator, Marlina offers her time to the partnered shelters and rescues in Arizona by volunteering each month. As Pawtocol looks to expand its reach to rescues and shelters across the US, it brought in three new partners this week all based in the greater Orlando area.

Pawtocol has recently welcomed a new rescue partner, Husky Haven of Florida located in Winter Springs, Florida. Husky Haven of Florida is a non-profit organization run solely by volunteers. They strive to rescue homeless Siberian Huskies and provide foster homes and medical care until they find a suitable forever home for their rescues. It is their mission to rescue stray, surrendered, and endangered Siberian Huskies while educating and supporting current and future owners. However, their primary goal is to save huskies from euthanization in shelters throughout Florida by finding them a foster home. Husky Haven of Florida continues to work toward their goals every day by staying true to its values, compassion, impact, responsibility, and respect. The president of Husky Haven of Florida, Francia Vogini, is motivated to help as many huskies as possible because she hopes that one day there won’t be a need for rescues because every pup will have a home full of unconditional love. Siberian Huskies are a fascinating dog breed and not just because of their looks. They originated in Northeastern Asia and were famously used in the Alaskan gold rush. The Siberian Husky was one of the most important breeds in the Arctic region and was later used as the primary breed in dog racing, which was a popular form of entertainment. They became an officially recognized dog breed by the American Kennel Club in 1930. They are known to be friendly, fastidious, and dignified. They are an energetic breed that loves to chase small animals around so it is vital that they have enough secure running room. Pawtocol is excited to work with this new rescue and support them on their mission to help bring Siberian Huskies off the streets and into homes with unconditional love.

Pawtocol also welcomed a second rescue partner this week, A Forever Home Animal Rescue based in Florida. AFHAR is a non-profit organization focused on saving lives throughout Florida. Their mission is to give homeless dogs a place to be cared for and trained while waiting to find them a forever home. AFHAR is passionate about spreading the word to adopt and not shop. They are a no-kill organization with 20 years of experience that takes any dog breed, age, and size up to 25 lbs due to facility limitations. On average they take in 60 dogs per month from shelters, as strays, or from owners who can no longer care for their pups. They treat each dog with respect, kindness, and lots of love in hopes of helping them find a forever home. If you are local to Tavares Florida, you can contact them about volunteering opportunities. Pawtocol is excited about this new partnership and looks forward to helping them in many ways.

Pawtocol added a third rescue partner this week, Hound Haven located in Orlando, Florida. Hound Haven is a non-profit animal rescue that saves puppies from euthanasia at kill shelters. They are a strict no-kill organization and promise to care for all pups until they find their forever family or are placed with another no-kill rescue group. Hound Haven’s mission is  life, they are a safe haven for dogs. They have dogs available for adoption that range from puppies to seniors in all breeds, colors, and sizes. If you’re in the Orlando area they are always looking for more volunteers and forever families. Pawtocol is excited about this partnership and looks forward to supporting Hound Haven in many ways.  

By becoming a Pawtocol partner, your shelter or rescue will receive an equal distribution from the Pawtocol Pet Fund as well as attention within the Pawtocol and pet community. Pawtocol is bettering the lives of pets and pet owners with each product that they bring to the market. In a short time, they will be launching the first-ever blockchain pet tag where you will be able to safely store your pet’s information such as lost reward info, and enter the Pawtocol ecosystem which connects you with other passionate pet lovers. They also launched a Pawtocol shop where you can buy Pawtocol merch for you and your pup and remember Pawtocol is donating a portion of its profits directly to the Pet Fund. You can learn more about the Pawtocol Pet Fund and current shelter and rescue partners here.