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Creating Better Lives for Pets and Pet Owners

Pawtocol is using the power of blockchain technology to create solutions that will strengthen the pet community and bring value back to its members, all while providing help to rescues and shelters in need

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Improving the lives of Pets and Pet Owners

What we do

Pet NFTs

The world’s first marketplace dedicated to pets where you can mint an NFT of your very own pet. Our marketplace also provides the opportunity for users to buy, sell and collect other one-of-a-kind pet NFTs.

Blockchain Pet Tag

We are the creators of the next generation of pet tags. It’s your key to not only safely storing your pet’s information such as lost reward info, but takes you into the Pawtocol ecosystem and connects you with other passionate pet lovers.


UPI is Universal Pet Income. It’s our digital token that makes things run on the Pawtocol platform, giving you access to all our product offerings. UPI is currently trading on Huobi, and more.

Pet Fund

We’re always leading the pack. Welcome to the world’s first blockchain pet fund, dedicating 100% of its holdings to supporting animal shelters and rescues.

*Pawtocol’s UPI token is currently traded on Huobi, Gate.io, BitForex, ProBit, ExMarkets and Uniswap (V2) exchanges. Trading in UPI is prohibited for residents of certain jurisdictions. Please consult Pawtocol’s Whitepaper and the terms, conditions and policies of the exchanges to determine your trading eligibility.

Pawtocol is a global online community of pet lovers who are disrupting the pet industry by leveraging blockchain technology while monetizing data about their pets.

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